About the course

LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a trusted, efficient, and clean source of energy with several applications including for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. LPG demand/supply in Nigeria has grown to more than 600,000 MT/ annum.

Nigeria’s LPG industry is a potential $10 billion industry with lots of opportunities for private sector participants. This course presents you with the information you need to start a retail LPG business in Nigeria and gives you knowledge of the entire value chain, challenges, and investment opportunities.

Course Modules

Introduction to LPG and LPG Value Chain

  • What is LPG?
  • Trends in LPG Market
  • The LPG Value Chain
  • Historical Development of LPG Value Chain
  • Key LPG Sources in Nigeria
  • Bottling Plant Distribution and LPG Pricing in Nigeria

LPG Bottling Plant

  • Setting up a Gas Plant
  • Recap of Previous Module and Running a Successful LPG Gas Plant
  • LPG Last Mile Strategy and Introduction to Autogas

Lessons from an LPG Gas Plant Owner

  • Obtaining the required Licenses
  • Other required Approvals for Lagos State
  • Business Registration, Tax Compliance, and other Requirements
  • Strategic Positioning and Business Profitability
  • Continuation – Strategic Positioning and Business Profitability
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Profitability Drivers in an LPG Business


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