There is Transmission Expansion Plan developed by FICHTNER Consulting Engineers Limited. The report presents the results of the studies carried out by FICHTNER Consulting Engineers Limited in development of a power system Master Plan for the Transmission Company of Nigeria, covering the period 2020 to 2037. The studies addressed a wide range of topics, including demand forecast, the projection of existing generation capacities availability, future generation candidates to be considered in the transmission and generation optimization studies, power system analysis (load flow, fault analysis and dynamics simulations), least cost generation and transmission analysis, cost estimations, financial analysis and environmental impact scoping.

In this report the priorities go in this order

  1.  Resolve all overloaded assets on (N-0) operations
  2. Reinforce all overloaded assets on (N-1) operations
  3. Build new capacities

There are also expansion plans, interconnection to the west African power pool and super grid option for 2030 and 2035

Download TCN Transmission Expansion Plan

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